Central Mine Rescue Station W BYTOMIU

Specialist Firefighting Emergency Service

The firefighting emergency service is intended for the elimination of fire hazards in mines during rescue operations and preventive work, especially:

  • active firefighting using water and foam extinguishing equipment,
  • passive firefighting using specialized equipment to isolate fire hotspots, including supervising the construction of fire-resistant isolation barriers,
  • fire prevention using equipment and materials for making insulation barriers and sealing of rock mass

The emergency service equipment includes:

  • portable foam unit,
  • foam generator,
  • foam-producing device,
  • portable compressed foam system,
  • fire suppression and cutting systems,
  • pump units,
  • dry concrete gun,
  • concrete spraying machine (concrete gun).

Specialist Firefighting Emergency Service
Olaf Fabiański
tel. + 48 32 38 80 502