Central Mine Rescue Station W BYTOMIU

Mining and Technical Specialist Emergency Service

The mining and technical ambulance service performs specialized work during operations after cave-ins and sinkholes. Rescuers of this ambulance service reach buried miners, make rescue galleries , or make special escape holes to reach the injured.

The mining and technical ambulance service carries out intervention activities, helping miners and mines at risk of rockfalls and crumps. It removes the consequences of such incidents and restores safe working conditions.

Emergency service equipment includes:

  • Hydraulic jacks and spreaders are used during rescue operations, in which work is performed by: lifting, spreading, supporting and pulling,
  • hydraulic scissors and scissor-spreaders are hydraulic rescue tools designed to perform all activities during which cutting, cutting or notching of metal structures and profiles is carried out,
  • rope and cable cutter,
  • hydraulic wedges used most often when spreading (pulling apart) structural elements of considerable weight, when the space between them is too small to seat another tool,
  • disc cutters for making very deep cuts,
  • hydraulic wedges for impact-free and detonation-free tearing of materials where explosives or impact devices cannot be used,
  • impact hammers and electric, hydraulic and air-powered drills,
  • hydraulic racks used both as direct and indirect support of the roof, as well as rock debris when, for example, a rescue walkway is being made,
  • rescue scraper conveyors used for transporting rock lumps from the mine workings debris during rescue tunneling,
  • systems designed to locate miners buried or cut off by a collapse in mine workings.
  • Hydraulic power units to supply hydraulic rescue tools,
  • inspection system for penetrating boreholes and pipelines with the ability to inspect and digitally record the borehole above 100 m,
  • mining underground drilling rigs for drilling full section or core holes in rocks of different hardness.
  • Plasma systems for metal cutting.

Mining and Technical Specialist Emergency service

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