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Chemical laboratory


The Chemical Laboratory conducts testing and measurement activities for clients in the mining industry, as well as for anyone wishing to take advantage of our offer. Our services are provided by highly specialized staff and technical-laboratory support. Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the management system, methodologies and test techniques developed over many years allow for maintaining a high level of services provided as well as protecting the confidentiality of information and intellectual property rights.

This is proved by the positive results of regular participation in national and international comparative studies and numerous letters of recommendation issued by our clients operating in the mining industry, as well as our industrial partners.

The credibility and competence of the laboratory are confirmed by two accreditations granted by the Polish Accreditation Center for the testing laboratory AB 1584 and the reference laboratory AP 028, as well as the implemented management system according to PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02.

The Chemical Laboratory is also a member of the POLLAB club. Participation in the test club enables the exchange of experiences between laboratories and the deepening of specialized knowledge, which directly contributes to improving work in the unit..

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For inquiries about the offer, please contact us via email at:chemia@csrg.bytom.pl


Chemical Laboratory
p.o. Marcin Krawczyk
tel.: +48 32 38 80 570
e – mail: m.krawczyk@csrg.bytom.pl






As it comes to PCA accreditation AP 028, the laboratory performs measurements of gas mixtures, reference materials (4.01) containing:

  • oxygen in a gas mixture,
  • carbon dioxide in a gas mixture,
  • carbon monoxide in a gas mixture,
  • methane in a gas mixture,
  • hydrogen in a gas mixture,
  • ethene (ethylene) in a gas mixture,
  • ethane in a gas mixture.

As it comes to PCA accreditation AB 1584, the laboratory performs measurements of the content of gaseous components in air samples, mine air samples, mine gas samples, and technical gas mixtures for the purpose of determining the content of:

  • methane,
  • carbon monoxide,
  • nitrogen,
  • carbon dioxide,
  • oxygen,
  • hydrogen,
  • ethane,
  • propane,
  • ethylene.

In the laboratory, gas mixture composition is determined using gas chromatography and conductometric methods. Below are the detailed scopes of accreditation of our laboratory and quality policy:

Scope of accreditation  AP 028
Scope of accreditation  AB 1584


Outside the scope of accreditation, the Laboratory produces and performs measurements of gas mixtures, which may contain:

  • oxygen,
  • nitrogen,
  • carbon dioxide,
  • carbon monoxide,
  • argon,
  • ethene (ethylene),
  • ethane,
  • air,
  • methane,
  • hydrogen.

The laboratory performs tests on samples of air, mine air, mine gas, mixtures of industrial gases to determine the content of:

  • oxygen,
  • nitrogen,
  • carbon dioxide,
  • hydrogen,
  • ethylene,
  • ethane,
  • carbon monoxide,
  • methane,
  • acethylene,
  • propylene,
  • propane.

The laboratory conducts tests on bituminous coal, including:

  • determination of transient and analytical moisture according to PN-80.G-04511 / PN-ISO 11722
  • determination of the calorific value and the gross calorific value according to PN-ISO 1928,
  • determination of total sulfur according to PN-ISO 351,
  • determination of the fusibility index according to PN-ISO 15585,
  • determination of volatile parts according to PN-G-04560,
  • determination of the chlorine content according to PN-ISO 587,
  • determination of ash sulfur according to PN-G-04581,
  • determination of actual density according to PN-G-04537.

Additional services:

  • analysis of mine dust and gases for the purpose of fire hazard assessment, explosion hazard assessment,
  • study of airflow in underground mine workings using a tracer gas, such as sulfur hexafluoride (SF6),
  • consultations with mining laboratories in the field of preparation for air and mine gas analysis,
  • training in the operation of a gas chromatograph, a course for laboratory technicians in mining laboratories on the analysis of gases, a course for managers of mining laboratories.