Central Mine Rescue Station W BYTOMIU

Specialist Measurement Emergency Service

The Measurement Emergency Service is equipped with modern measuring equipment such as micro-chromatographs and handheld devices used during activities related to monitoring and eliminating fire hazards, measuring air and fire gases, and assessing the explosiveness of gas mixtures during rescue operations in underground workings.

Scope of Measurement Emergency Service:

  • conducting air and fire gas measurements and communicating the results to the action leaders,
  • performing other specialized measurements in underground mining workings or on the surface of a mine,
  • testing and maintenance of measuring equipment.

The emergency service equipment includes:

  • combat emergency service vehicle,
  • microchromatograph units adapted for underground work,
  • device units for remote sampling of air and fire gases for chemical analysis (battery-powered pumps),
  • portable computer unit for assessing the risk of explosion of gas mixtures,
  • device units for remote measurement of fire gas temperature in mining workings,
  • individual measuring devices for measuring the temperature and humidity of mine air as well as the content of CH4, CO2, CO, and O2,
  • device for measuring absolute air pressure underground and for measuring pressure difference,
  • chromatographic line used for sampling of mine air for analysis of gas mixture in mining workings,
  • devices (transformers) used to power the measurement station during rescue operations and preventive work,
  • stand-alone backup power supply devices (battery-powered supplies).

Specialized Measurement Emergency Service
Paweł Koprowski
tel. + 48
32 38 80 556