Central Mine Rescue Station W BYTOMIU

Specialist Emergency Service for Inerting of Mine Air

The Emergency Service for Inerting of Mine Air uses inert gases (nitrogen or carbon dioxide) to eliminate fire hazards. Thanks to modern technology, nitrogen is either obtained directly from atmospheric air or transformed from a liquid state into its gaseous form. During the operations, gas is injected into the danger zone, displacing the oxygen. Thus, the risk of fire and explosion in the mine is minimized.

Inerting means partial or complete replacement of air or flammable atmosphere with an inert gas. The action of inert gases involves displacing oxygen and other combustible gases from the atmosphere, resulting in a decrease in the concentration of these gases, especially oxygen.

This is a highly effective method of preventing explosions, fires, and is considered in cases where the explosive or fire risk cannot be eliminated by other means.

In Polish mining, 3 methods of inerting the mine atmosphere are known and used:

  • inerting with carbon dioxide,
  • inerting with nitrogen,
  • inerting with humid, low-oxygen flue gases (with up to 3% O2).

The equipment of the emergency service consists of membrane devices for obtaining nitrogen from atmospheric air – Membrane Nitrogen Generators.

Specialist Emergency Service for Inerting of Mine Air
Marcin Pachoński
tel. + 48 32 38 80 512