Central Mine Rescue Station W BYTOMIU


The Central Mine Rescue Station S.A. has two accredited specialized research laboratories

The Chemical Laboratory has two accreditations: in the measurement of reference materials, accreditation No. AP 028 since 2001, and in the chemical testing of air samples, mine air, mine gas, industrial gases, accreditation No. AB 1584 since 2015. The Equipment Testing and Evaluation Laboratory received accreditation No. AB 321 in 2000 in the field of testing respiratory protection equipment. The laboratories enable CSRG S.A. to participate in research and development programs in cooperation with other scientific and research units. These activities are aimed at introducing new technologies and improving safety in mining. Among the tasks of the Central Mine Rescue Station S.A., as a mine rescue unit, are the testing and evaluation of rescue equipment and the performance of specialized chemical analyses of air samples. Accordingly, CSRG S.A. maintains the above-mentioned accredited laboratories in its structure, which are equipped with appropriate measuring equipment that is in constant research readiness.

In addition, we conduct measurements of standard  gas mixtures for calibration of control and measurement equipment and perform tests in climate chambers under preset environmental conditions.

Rescue Department
Rescue Apparatus and Equipment Department
Monika Grzywa
tel.: +48 32 38 80 540
tel. kom.: +48 728 529 981
e – mail: m.grzywa@csrg.bytom.pl